Windows Application Development and Digital Business Consulting

There are more than 500000 applications in the Windows Store, which makes it one of the leading app marketplaces after Apple’s App Store and Android’s Google Play where smartphone and tablet owners search for new tools, games and services. Our talented and experienced Windows developers will build a perfect app that will get your brand to the top of the market.

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Build an App That Perfectly Fits into Your Business

Have you come here because you are looking for app developers to create your brand-new Windows mobile app? Over many years in the industry, we have gained a lot of expertise and an impressive portfolio of successful projects, which makes us a perfect partner in software design. Our talented team of designers, developers and analysts will work hard to achieve the best results and support you after the product’s release.

Time-Proven Expertise in Windows Application Development
We are a team of qualified IT experts with a solid background in software development and extensive knowledge of the latest technologies. Every mobile development specialist in our team has a deep understanding of the WIndows mobile environment and a number of projects that brought tangible value to its owners. We tackle tasks of any complexity,from brochure websites to elaborate IoT (internet of things) systems.
Post-Launch Support and Maintenance
We offer ongoing support of all our products through the entire lifecycle from the initial idea to deployment, Windows Store publications and post-launch activities such as bug fixing, marketing, optimisation and user support. Our well-versed business analysts will help you design a mobile strategy that will make your product visible to the largest audience and generate tangible revenue.
Full Range of Digital Services from One Source
Whether you need a native Windows app, a responsive website, an elaborate corporate system or bespoke enterprise software, we will supply you with a top-notch solution that will perfectly meet your requirements and expectations. And the best thing about it is that you can get all the digital services you need from our team - no need to explain the details of your business and rewrite the code every time you wish to add something new.
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    The Advantages of Windows Applications

Microsoft has a unique app development ecosystem because you can develop apps that can be launched on a great variety of devices from smartphones to tablets, laptops and desktop computers. The latest version of the Microsoft's mobile operating system is WIndows 10 Mobile - a smartphone version of their hugely popular desktop OS. The system is based on the Hybrid Windows NT kernel.

Building apps for mobile devices, we utilise a wide range of technologies, frameworks and programming languages such as Objective-C, C#. Visual Basic, C++, HTML5, XAML, CSS3 and JavaScript. The ecosystem used for Windows app development is Microsoft Visual Studio, which is one of the most complex tools in the IT market. Visual Studio has everything you need to develop software - from tools for writing software requirements specification to design templates, coding environment, testing technologies, intuitive interfaces and the latest technologies for integration.

  • Adjustable to all devices powered by Windows
  • Great performance
  • User-friendly interface
  • Visually stunning designs
  • Powerful hardware
  • Software flexibility and scalability
  • Fast delivery

Who We Are and Why We Are Here

Our app design firm was founded at the very dawn of the smartphone era when the first iPhone had just been released to the general public. We were the pioneers of native mobile app development and has continued to accelerate innovation in the world of internet technologies up to now. Over the past ten years, we have gathered a multicultural team of industry leading experts in business analytics, design, programming testing and quality assurance, who can solve any task that is set before them.

The History of Our App Development Team

Our software development agency was founded in 2008 by two computer enthusiasts who wanted to change the world around through implementation of cutting-edge technologies. They invited more qualified experts to join them in their venture and opened an office in the heart of London. A couple of years later, we established an office in the USA. It was one of the most important steps in the history of our company, as then we worked for the two continents.

Going International

Another important decision was to open an office in Australia, which finally strengthened our position in the international app design market. We continued our expansion and designed a super modern center in Russia that perfectly fits into our established identity and provides a comfortable workplace for our designers and programmers. It is a comfortable building designed in the colours of our brand with all the latest equipment app developers may need. It is not only perfect for work, but is great for leisure and team building activities. You can drop by at any of our offices any time and meet us face to face.

We Strive for Perfection

When it comes to software development, we always aim at a high security, great performance and overall stability of the system. We build products that prove our excellent reputations and ensure that you will work with our company in the future. Do not take our word - check out many grateful reviews from our past and current clients. You can also contact our team to ask them any question you may have and confirm their broad expertise. We are one of the leading UK Windows application development firms, and we are willing to prove our high position.

Leverage the powers of the latest innovations to outstri competitors, engage consumers and incrase workflow productivity, providing your staff with the most technologically advanced tools. Our business analysts will conduct a comprehensive research and development to assess the current state of your processes, audit the legacy system and offer you a strategy that will bring your company to long-term success.

Innovation is the key success in the today’s ever-changing market environment. Our experts take the time to get an in-depth understanding of your business process and research the market to ensure that your investment pays off and that you achieve your goals. We believe that to get the most out of your digital products, you need to constantly improve them, optimise according to user feedback and expand tis functionality. This innovation oriented approach ensures that your staff uses the latest technologies in their work and that your customer get the best experience from interacting with your brand.

Continuous improvement and cutting-edge technologies is the main focus of our developers. Our forward-minded and ambitious team of young experts strive for innovation and exploration of new horizons in every aspect of development. One of the things we are great at is the generation of new ideas that utilise the latest technologies and combine them into unparalleled software solutions that bring continuous value to businesses.

Learning and Exploring New Technologies

Today we have great opportunities to learn new things and share our experiences thanks to a wide community of app developers and open source technologies. Our specialists take an active part in the expansion and evolution of the IT community and invite you to start a journey to this exciting world. Every new API, framework or helpful services we learn about is documented in our knowledge base and immediately put into practice. We encourage the members of our team to learn non-stop, hone their skills and share their expertise with fellow team members.

Our research and development team welcomes everyone who shares our beliefs to join our forward-thinking family and help businesses grow through smart digital solutions and efficient strategies. We invite IT experts who have a wide set of skills, passion for their craft and desire to improve to try your luck with our app developers. Send us your CV if you have recognised yourself in this description.

If you want your app to run on all existing devices, screens and operating systems, web-based application is the solution you are looking for. Over many years our app design firm has been delivering responsively designed web apps that offer seamless experiences to users across all platforms.