Software Development Companies: Tailor-Made Apps for Business Success

We are the leaders among software development companies in the UK who deliver bespoke apps to empower business process and accelerate innovation within the firm - we supply various organisation with user-friendly tools that boost sales, drive traffic and bring long-term value to the brand.

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Bespoke Software Across Various Industries

  • Healthcare and Life Science. Aiding healthcare with software
  • Transport and Automotive. Moving software solutions
  • Financial software development. Accountable enterprise software
  • Loyalty apps & Retail suites. Trend-setting software solutions
  • Education & Human Resources. Overachieving mobile solutions
  • Travel & Hospitality. Extending comfort with software

Solutions for the Healthcare Industry

Protect your data from getting into the wrong hands and enhance the security of your legacy system with top-notch technologies. Design tools that will provide you with robust analytics and business intelligence reports. Build apps that will allow the companies’ staff to better connect with patients, eliminate paperwork and focus on the core purpose of the organisation - aiding people through healthcare services.

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    Cutting-Edge Technologies in Medical Service
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    Powerful Capabilities of High-Tech
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    Get Started with a Project?

We are living in a digital era full of technologies that has penetrated into our everyday lives and industries, with the Healthcare being no exception. Recent cutting-edge software solutions enable doctor, nurses and other employees of medical centers act faster, connect easier and distribute resources more efficiently, making accurate diagnoses and establishing a seamless communication with patients.

Whether you need a program that would collect patient data and store it in a single database, offering and easy access to all medical staff, or and Internet of Things (IoT) solution that will gather information from a life-saving apparatus and analyse it to timely inform about critical issues about the patient’s health condition or make predictions based on the artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms that involve complex neural networks - we can build it for you.

At our app design agency, not only do we have an in-depth understanding of the most popular technologies, but also an industry expertise in healthcare and life science.

  • Establish a seamless communication between healthcare experts to share the industry knowledge and cooperate in bringing forward innovative solutions in the field of medicine and care.
  • Store valuable corporate data in scalable and secure databases with easy search and comprehensive structure
  • Bring customer service to a new level by offering a quick and easy access to support team
  • Enhance process effectiveness by implementing cost and time efficient management software. Our solutions enable you to focus on groundbreaking achievements and evolution of healthcare instead of routine workflow activities.

The first step to achieving your companies’ goals is contacting us. The project of the dreams is about to turn into reality. Check out this extensive list of services we provide:

  • Business consultation
  • Product development activities
  • Software maintenance and management
  • IT services
  • Process automation services
  • Project recovery assistance
  • Analytics and Big Data
  • Testing and QA (quality assurance)
  • Application architecture
  • DevOps
  • Bespoke enterprise software development
  • Competitor research and market analysis
  • Native mobile application design
  • MVP (Minimum Viable Product) development for startups
  • UX/UI design (user experience and user interface)
  • Advanced data security
  • Web app creation
  • Technical support and continuous maintenance
  • Professional app development teams for project outsourcing

Software for Logistics and Transportation

We craft solutions that revolutionise the transportation industry. Save money and minimize downtime by establishing and effective fleet management through prediction of fuel consumption, order tracking, parcel identification, driver mobility, precise routing, geopositioning and fleet performance monitoring. International shipping companies, large airlines and major delivery operators have entrusted their software development projects to our talented and forward-minded IT experts.

Automotive IT Solutions

From the warehouse activities to the way navigators set directions to how neural networks and artificial intelligence (AI) are laying the groundwork for self-driving cars - information technologies play an essential part in the existence of automotive and logistics industry. Today a large part of cars and trucks is already connected to the world wide web, and within the following 7 years this number is expected to grow dramatically.

Software for Smart Cars and Hands-Free Driving

At our software development company, we have high hopes for the smart car technology and already work hard to become the pioneers of software development for these high-tech vehicles and deliver top-notch applications for the transportation comapnies


In-car media and connectivity systems

Media systems are great for long-distance drivers who need to be on guard and pay attention to the situation on the road during the journey as they prevent them from falling asleep, at the same time entertaining passengers who can watch films, listen to music or play built-in games.

Native applications for smart car platforms such as Apple’s CarPlay, Android Auto and Ford SYNC AppLink

We implement top-notch technologies to build intuitive and feature-rich applications for self-driving cars that do not pose any threats to drivers or road safety and ensure timely deliveries.

Driver assistant and automobile safety software

From automated parking to smart anti-lock braking systems (ABS) - there are many solutions that can help increase the safety of road trips and decrease the number of accident and mortalities on the road.

Supply chain management and order delivery systems that allow to reduce the scope of the fleet and enhance productivity

Programs that improve effectiveness at every stage of the supply process - from creating item catalogues to smart parcel recognition to monitoring the delivery process straight to the retail points.

Artificial intelligence to accelerate innovation in the self-driving car manufacturing

Development of elaborate systems that integrate top-notch software with high-tech sensors placed on vehicles, enable to save resources and benefit the environment.

Logistics process management to effectively distribute human power and automate routine procedures

We create software that help the organisation get rid of paperwork, spare your employees from a large part of manual work and open new horizons to your companies. Our software reduces the expenses and boosts efficiency of your staff.

We are one of the few software development agencies that have a specialised department dedicated to self-driving technologies and hands-free driving.

Fin-Tech Program Creation
Keep up with the changing marketing standards and preferences of the customers by creating a fin-tech product that streamlines financial transactions and make all accounting issues easy as pie. At our web development firm, we have a solid background in delivering applicaitons for online payments, internet banking, blockchain systems, tools for Big Data analysis and ecommerce services integration.

The finance industry at the moment experiences a giant splash of activities as new fintech startups emerge and bring innovation to this traditional market. If you want your startup to stand out from the crows or wish to empower your companies with a modern-day payment tools, you need a fin-tech app developed by our well-versed and skilled professionals.

  • Open up new approaches to cooperate with your target audience and offer personalised experiences by incorporating the industry-leading solutions for the Financial industry.
  • Equip your companies’ staff with programs that will allow them to manage, store and edit data in and easy and convenient way.
  • Create convenient and secure online banking solutions that respond to the demands of modern clients.
  • Design helpful and robust fintech apps that facilitate the interaction with your companies to your customers and enable them to make online payments and money transfers within seconds.

No matter whether you are an ambitious startup raising to online glory or and already well established Financial organisation, our development companies can build a fintech app that will make your sales go through the roof. We can interconnect disparate apps and tools your employees use on daily basis, supplying them with a fully integrated system with and easy access and intuitive interface. Explore various solutions our amazing professionals can deliver to your firm and get in touch - we will be happy to hear from you.

We build B2B and B2C apps for small local shops and international retailers that will help you establish a strong presence online and manage your webshop easily. Revolutionise the shopping process with adding interactivity and entertain your customers so that they will not be able to stop buying from you. Our outstanding designers, programmers and business analysts can deliver a superb ecommerce app that will raise your shop’s online game. Expand your web outreach and increase conversion through and awesome app developed by our IT companies.