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(an educational application for business school)

A tablet application for iPads provides excellent ebook experience for business course students. The system provides users with access to content without being interrupted. We implemented innovative design interactions to enhance the user experience and seamless integrated relevant content including articles, video courses, and images.



(a camping site searching mobile application)

The app was developed for those who just start their camping experience and look for the great place. The app base contains information on over 1,000 different camp sites across UK and region of Europe. The app provides information on recreational activities, swimming areas, pricing, pet rules, Wi-Fi hotspots and other important details. Besides, users can rate visited places and leave a review and additional recommendations to other tourists.



(an Android tablet application to process the credit card transaction)

A startup entrepreneur who produces and sell eco cosmetics face the necessity to process credit card transaction regardless of the merchant location. We integrated extensive features of ROAMpay technology which convert user’s tablets into POS terminal which can securely process Visa Card and MasterCard. The app provides customised product list based on our customer’s goods and allows to select the right pricing plan. It provides streamlined and secure payment gateway and easily captures customers’ signatures.


Parents and children

(a safe video-chat platform for Android tablet)

Our customer wanted to create a secure platform for communication purposes which unlike existing social media apps will be secured from unwanted contacts and content. We created a child-friendly application for Android tablets with real-time video chat integration. The application is family-targeted software which connects family members by means of video calls. As far as this program is supposed to be used by children, our designers had a task to make its user interface as simple and intuitive as possible. We also enabled the app with multimedia features to upload pictures and take photos during the call.



(a mobile medical application for finding a suitable solution)

Our collaboration with US pharmacist resulted in a software solution for mobile devices which encourage better interaction between licensed pharmacist and his customers. Our client emphasised the idea of a simple and informative application, so we focused on the creation of a sleek and intuitive user interface which makes information of over-the-counter products more accessible. Users can put on the form their age and symptoms and regularly updating database will recommend suitable medical solutions.



(a facility management system for iPads)

The client approached us to create a property management tool that will improve communication with residents and maintenance workflow. We should have simplified and optimised the activity of customer-company employees. Our team developed a maintenance software that helps property management company to run a whole town. The app provides company executives all the relevant information on activities, events, and documents into a usable and categorised manner. Service managers can track all the maintenance requests and schedule their tasks and report. The system lets to monitor the staff productivity automating the maintenance and eliminating extra paperwork. Besides, it has an integrated communication channel that connects the company and estate residents.