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We are a disruptive software development company with a team of the most skilled and creative iOS developers in London. Headquartered in the UK, we serve businesses all over the Europe and have forged partnership relationships with some American and Australian companies.

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London Software Agency

We are a growing software agency that delivers first-class software solutions for mobile and desktop devices leveraging the information technologies capabilities and potential. Based in London, we gained a stellar reputation in the IT sphere all over the world partnering with leading global companies and bringing to the table innovations that transform the way our clients run their businesses. Experienced iOS developers and app designers carefully recruited in our London digital agency ensured superior code quality and stunning user experience catering the most demanding requirements. Being a leading London-based software company, we deal equally well with enterprise-level solutions and smaller projects adding expert value to every our work.
What we do
The team of experienced developers, business analysts, designers and project managers create all conditions and working environment for seamless development and timely delivery. Being in the IT market for over seven years, we have enlarged our expertise and skill set ensuring that we can accomplish any project delivering the desired results and fitting business goals of our clients. We work with both B2B and B2C markets around the world helping our customers to improve the way they work and communicate via smart and innovative solutions embodied into software products.
We offer end-to-end development which includes:
  • Estimation of the app concept and idea verification;
  • Mockup design and navigation prototyping;
  • Code writing and features integration;
  • Code audit and QA testing;
  • Bug fixing and maintenance;
  • IT support and consultancy.
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    Apple Watch
As far as iOS platform is widely spread among business users and iOS users are more likely to stick with their iPhones and other Apple devices, iOS developers in London acquired full and throughout understanding of the development for this platform. We can boast deep experience in building commercial digital products with proficiency in coding with Swift and Objective-C programming languages. In spite of all Apple’s restrictions, creative app designers know how to customise user interface ensuring transfer of your business visual identity. We are competent in object-oriented design patterns, Xcode IDE, APIs implementation, analytic platforms integration, Cocoa Touch, and other frameworks, and just everything what makes our iOS software solutions unique and outstanding. Practising agile development methods, iOS developers always contribute their expertise and experience tightly collaborating with each other and our customers. We continuously discover, evaluate and deploy new technologies keeping up with the tech evolution pace and maximising the development efficiency.
Hiring London iPhone application developers, you get the key to the realisation of your technology vision. Certified development company provide first-class services helping clients to take advantage of all iPhone hardware and software capabilities including Retina screen and 3D Touch. We are ready to take you iPhone app idea and transform it into a feature-packed iPhone solutions with a highly customised user experience that engage users with interactive elements and useful functionality. We know how to make it reflect your brand image and achieve your goals. With a right mobile software, we can help you to mobilise your employees and improve marketing strategy.
Our London iPad developers ensure high-end app development with elastic user experience and opportunity to work in both portrait and landscape orientations. We will help you to benefit from its big screen implementing minimalist beauty and efficient space usage. iPad app designers will help you to build a layout that fits your brand identity and appeal to users. With a compelling iPad application businesses can improve their service offerings, simplify internal processes and enhance customer relationships. Experience and skilled development team is eager to conceptualise amazing app ideas and convert them into the feature-rich experience.
If you are interested in the creation of a complement to an engaging iOS application, approach our London bespoke app developers. Apple Watch offers a new interactive way to engage users with notifications and complications. Our developers will be happy to assist in creating a deeper engaging model and help you grow the business improving app accessibility. Apple Watch app transform the way you target customers enlarging the user reach and demonstrating your innovative way of thinking.

iOS 10 Development

Apple devices keep evolving every year bringing developers new opportunities to interact with their hardware and benefit from the powerful software. The latest release of the iOS platform brought new functionality and enabled to create new categories of apps. iOS SDK includes numerous APIs and services which extend the applications to Siri, Phone, Messages, and Maps as well as providing new capabilities via HomeKit, Live Photos, CloudKit, Game Center and others. Users get a completely new experience with richer and more interactive notifications which enable them to view pictures, watch videos, listen to audio files right from notifications. The newest iOS version has brought new extension points, such as Intents, Call Directory, Messages, Notification Service, and others.

iMessage functionality allows users to interact with the iOS app within Messages. Messages framework let iOS developers build communication apps and extension to iOS apps which introduce new interaction capabilities within the application. Whether you are looking for a sticker and iMessage application or an extension to your business app, London developers will help you to leverage the capabilities of the Messages framework.
SiriKit extension enables programmers to allow users to access the program’s content and services with their voice. Siri support reaches messaging, photo search, phone calls, and even some actions within the program even when the app isn’t running. London app designers register the extension with specific intents which are required according to client’s specifications so that it could be handled within the program.
iPhone programmers have enough expertise to implement custom content in the Maps interfaces and making accessible location-related services so that users were able to track, book, and find relevant services with consideration of the user’s current location. Experienced coders will ensure corresponding Intents extension, so that provides the desired response within the interface elements desired to display.
iPhone apps which support VoIP can now use CallKit framework so that calls were displayed on the lock screen as well as included in the Favourite and Recent tabs. Besides usage of this frameworks lets programmers provide users with access to the Mute control and Call Waiting. Thus, apps with implemented CallKit can block calls and identify the caller.
Apple Pay
Integration of the recently-introduced Apple Pay functionality into iPhone and iPad software provide users with an easy-to-use and secure payment gateway. iOS 10 has introduced new APIs that iPhone developers can utilise in the code implementing the ability to support dynamic payment network. This feature significantly improves user experience streamlining the time-consuming payment process.
Advantages of Being Certified Developers
London iOS developers who joined the Apple Developer Program get access to the advanced capabilities of the operating system and technologies used for the application development. This access ensures the ability to construct engaging user experience with useful functionality, for instance, integrate Apple Pay, Siri, iMessage, iCloud and many other things.Besides, this Program includes TestFlight access which enables iOS developers to send betas to up to 2.000 external testers that fit the description of the target audience. This testing enables developers to check program’s usability, performance and intuitivity and fixes occurring bugs before the release. Finally, certified developers have access to the analytics on iTunes Connect which let measure user engagement, the success of the marketing campaigns and based on the data improve the application.

Being certified iOS developers, London app designers can reach customers around the world via the publications of the App Store. Members of the Apple Developer program are provided with all capabilities to build software solutions for iPhones, iPads, Macs, Apple TV and Watches. With access to the App Store, we can help you to reach a billion users in the UK and other countries. We deploy our experience helping your iOS application to be easily discoverable and distinguished from other applications on the App Store. Moreover, Developer Program membership provides iOS developers with the latest betas enabling them rapidly adopt new Apple’s software and learn how to integrate the latest cutting-edge technologies in the development process and build the most innovative apps.

App thinning technology enables iOS developers to optimise their software solutions to installation so they use the lowest amount of storage space and could easily get optimised to the operating system updates. Competent software engineers have adopted this technology acquiring the capability to tailor app delivery to the capabilities of the user’s device. With the help of this innovation in the software development we can ensure minimum disk space occupation, accommodation of the future updates and faster downloads and hence better user experience. There exist three main components which include:

It implies the slicing of the program into multiple variants with depends on the user’s handset. This technique enables us to deliver the mobile program that fits the target device. The full version of the program is stored in the App Store, but users download only the part of the app which is required for the target device.

Bitcode refers to an intermediate of a compiled program. It allows Apple to re-optimise the program for the future submission of a new version of the program to the store.

On-demand resources include files such as sounds and images that can be tagged with keywords. These resources are hosted on Apple servers and are downloaded only when they are required. Such on-demand downloads enable the smaller size of the program during the initial installation and hence faster download.