iOS App Development Cost: When Quality is Priceless

Creating a top - notch solution for business is like investing in the prosperity of the whole undertaking. With our software development company, you will feel what the real quality is, as we know our craft and always strive for perfection.

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What About the Pricing?

How much will it cost to develop an app for iOS? An entirely common question!

During the last 7years, our company has built dozens of successful iOS apps, and we know everything about how to create a fantastic product at a fair price.

The primary driving force of pricing is the cost of labour. For example, hiring offshore builders can be exponentially cheaper than hiring in-house developers, and a longtime company will value you greater than a freelance hire.

Due to the fact, that there are so many one-of-a-kind variables, the fee for an MVP of an iOS program can vary from £40,000 to £80,000; however, the costs can considerably range according to the complexity of the project and the functionality needed.
It is manifestly a hefty funding, both of money and time. We adhere to the transparent pricing and ready to tell you about every detail of development cycle, so if you need an estimation - feel free to contact.
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    Your priorities
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    In-house vs. Offshore
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    Waterfall vs. Agile

It is essential that you were honest with yourself and your priorities. A golden rule of iOS software development is that there are three available characteristics of the process: good, fast, cheap. You could select any two attributes but never have all the three. Finding a development firm to make an excellent first-class iOS app very quickly and with a low price range is a red flag. You get what you pay for.

Let’s count on you need a quality app, which leaves you to select between a larger budget with a shorter production timeline or a smaller price range with a longer timeline. In our company, we stick to the desired development time frame, not more than 12 weeks. The overall timeline could be longer because you also need time up-front for design and product definition.

You are hiring iOS developers because they know what they do and do it well. The only way to build a core competency in programming iOS app is to get it done by the in-house team of a development company. We select only the high professionals, who specialise in iOS and have already proved their expertise by the successful projects.

When choosing a company for app development, ask who the precise team members will work for the project, and have a look at the previous apps they have laboured on.

Cooperating with our agency, you get a team formed from our in-house developers, and you can additionally talk to each of them and estimate their communicative skills. Hiring professional offshore iOS developers will save you money and time down the road through bringing technical expertise into the product making plans.

If you think of hiring a team of developers to work in your enterprise on a regular basis, it may occur even more costly - you have to pay monthly salary, provide the staff with appropriate equipment, skills improvement training, working space and other necessary conditions. Development cycle needs a lot of special skills and competencies, and you can hardly find universal specialists. Moreover, there is often no everyday work for a staff of programmers on an enterprise having no relation to IT industry, so an employer just spend money in vain.

Despite the fact that the cost of the full-cycle iOS software development may seem high enough, the product you get will pay off in the shortest time and will bring income in the long run.

Waterfall and Agile development are the two most popular techniques of app creation, each of them have unique features and may result in quite different costs. That is why it is so important to choose the right working method for the project.

Waterfall iOS app development depends on having a clear plan laid out up-front, before then the work on a project starts, and carefully following it from start to end. With Waterfall development procedure, there is little flexibility, but a client knows exactly what he gets and what is the price. But Waterfall strategy entirely lose, if a client doubt about any stage of the undertaking. If some changes are needed after any step was accomplished, it will take a lot of time and efforts to do it. This will inevitably increase the timeframes and the overall iOS app development cost.

Agile development will be a perfect solution if you have only vague idea of what you need. Developers works in short 2- or 3-week sprints and improve code as they go. This way the project workflow is divided into tasks, distributed among separate groups working in close cooperation. Agile development needs high management skills and a truly coordinated team of devoted developers.

There is also a hybrid approach that we call “iterative development”. There is a few documentation up-front, like wireframes and mockups for the main screens and capability, but certain aspects are left to be discovered by the team in the course of development.

In general, the development industry is moving towards Agile methodology. The dearth of fundamental structure can often make the undertaking cost more than initially planned. However, it allows for much more flexibility to regulate the product and accounts for comments and adjustments. With the Agile approach, you may have incremental releases at the end of every creation cycle, so that you are more likely to attain the release date and get to the marketplace faster.

Our developers have mastered both approaches and ready to provide only the best services to guarantee the top quality product within the budget and expectations.

Kinds of iOS Apps We Can Develop

Many different types of apps may bring significant value to your business and become the new source of income.

Speaking in general, all iOS apps can be divided into several groups:


Basic table functionality

Consider this as a hierarchy: opening screen has big subjects, you click on one and now have a set of new lists to click on.The email inside the iPhone is a good example. Truly, this type is the best to build and design and an excellent choice for businesses who need an “easy” app that presents basic information.Our developers create table based apps that become a perfect tool for our clients.

Database-driven custom functionality

This is not a particular bucket, but it is the best way to describe creatively parsing out content. When a client has a whole load of content to be utilised, organised and displayed differently, the basic table format will be the optimum solution to make the iOS app actually work. Such development gets more complicated and starts to get into whether or not or not you need the statistics located “native” (built-in) or “dynamic” ( an online web service).


Those have the biggest range of complexity, beginning with something as simple as a PONG kind capability all the way up to as much as a 3D physics engine that performs high-speed air racing. Incorporating the UX through the physical movement of the iPhone, scoring points, and hooking into recreation centre are all feasible with our expert developers.

Enhancement of the device firmware or hardware

Which means that we take positive capabilities of the smartphone, which include the alarm, digital camera, or flash, and make it higher. One of the best examples of that is the camera+app that provides filters to any photographs taken for a smartphone and in addition stores the photos on a lightbox.

Fully dynamic apps

Much like the database driven software, those iOS applications are the sort that depends purely on external facts.
Custom utilities – these are iOS apps that are geared toward allowing the consumer to enter content material in a selected manner.
Anything else – there are a few programms which can be absolutely precise, meeting all the needs and requirements of a client regardless the type - everything is possible? Just share the ideas, and we will find the right solution.

What is vital to understand in app creation

The sort of iOS app you need to develop may change primarily based on how much content have to be included and what kind of management you want to have over the complete process.
It is vital to realise that you could get apps produced very quickly and cheaply in case you understand what kind of app is needed to create – going into the procedure without being ready to be open to another option could cost a lot of time.
Development Costs
Development of iOS application deals with the programming side of the procedure.
Here is a break out of usual costs for one-of-a-kind example projects.

£10,000- £40,000 – a client provides all the content material, clear plan, and examples of what he need it to do. If you know the way around Photoshop, it is possible to deliver the images so that to cap this project at £20,000. The additional costs are when you want to add such features as GPS locators, social media integration or bells and whistles.

£40,000-£80,000 – a client provides every piece of content, picture, writing, sound, and so on. The cost goes to come from creating the logic in the product and architecting all the usability or game play. The content will generally be dropped in after which parsed. Those tasks have a tendency to be the heaviest for the reason that the data is what is driving the entire game and the framework is of particular importance.

£50,000-£250,000 – the most approximate ballpark. Even if you try to keep it hyper-easy, games get complex quickly. Hooking into game centre, having top ratings, and integrating with a web community may be rather complicated. The benefit of a game is that it will be downloaded in much greater number.

How to create an app in the most cost-effective way?

We need to say that to create an iOS product in the most cost-effective manner; it is important to hire a professional developer. And our company is the best place to find the best pro.

We consider ourselves as leaders on the subject of iOS app making and coaching you how to make your own products. We suppose that every business has to have its own custom software and use the benefits of having one.

Those are the causes why any business needs to have an iOS app:

  • Superior visibility to the customers;
  • A medium of digitising a loyalty program;
  • Direct marketing channel;
  • Customers engagement improvement;
  • Foundation and promotion of the brand;

Our specialists are here to help you gain all of those, using surely one click. We dedicate all the time and competencies to assist the clients at all the stage of the software creation and help get what they deserve. We have many years of experience in the iOS development market, so we have our own hints on the way to get the task completed.