iOS App Development Cost: What Is the Quotation?

Software development is a complicated process, and its cost depends on who you ask and what you exactly need. If you are interested in the outstanding product with quality assurance, it should be a serious investment in the future success.

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In our app development agency we adhere to the transparent pricing. The average cost for a full-fledged high-quality product varies from £20,000 to £80,000. But these figures are just a starting point to consider, as there is a significant number of price forming factors that can add or detract the final cost.
There are corporations which offer clients iOS development for a trifling £1,000. However, such apps may lack in functionality and quality, thereby lowering the variety of users and the overall ability to pay off. For this reason, it is miles better to spend more and get more ROI for your iOS app.
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    Factors that Affect the Cost of Development
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    Business model: what is needed?
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    Platform: if you choose iOS
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    App types & capability

iOS applications have a ramification of sizes, shapes, colorations and functionalities. There are tonnes of transferring components at play, and each of them influences the pricing.

The main factors influencing development cost:

  • Business model
  • Platform
  • Functionality
  • Layout
  • Developer

The search to build an app starts with the marketing strategy and the business model for turning in revenue. This point is the most critical driving force in the price formation.

While developing an app, you are looking at your business plan and asking “what is needed?”

  • Where do your customers spend their time?
  • What gadgets and systems do they use?
  • How are you going to monetise the app?
  • Will you promote it?
  • Will it bring money through in-app purchases?
  • Will the app be used to advertise your services or the third parties’ commercials be a monetisation method?
  • Does the audience care more about the cutting-edge design or high functionality?

Each of these factors (and limitless others) will determine what the app needs and, therefore, influence the amount of money to spend on development, design and launch.

While we are talking about mobile apps the most popular platforms for development are Android and Apple.

As a rule, it takes less time and money to build iOS apps. Apple also tends to have a greater engaged user base, where people are eager to spend money on their gadgets. That is why many businesses favour to launch iOS-based apps to start with and then enlarge to Android later if the iOS model proves to achieve success.

Now that you have determined the platform, it is time to actually dive into building the app. The kind of app you are aiming to create and its technical specs may be the primary component in its cost.

In general, iOS applications can be divided into:

  • Table/List
  • Database
  • Dynamic
  • Games
  • While these four categories do a good job of incorporating most types and functionalities, iOS applications nowadays are exceptionally various and hard to categorise.

    The most critical factor to recognise is that every product has unique capability requirements and will bring a corresponding value. Some forms of functionality may seem simple but be very costly to build, while other functionalities might be fairly cheap.

    #008 Develop Your Mobile Strategy



    Table/List based

    These iOS apps are developed primarily to show a simple set of information. They present statistics to a person who can pick out from available alternatives and be redirected to additional materials on the topic. In other words, such applications function as a simple mobile website.


    These are more complex iOS apps, designed to allow customers to find, sort, and display information from the huge records units. Database programs frequently connect with a website or different on-line internet provider to retrieve information, making them more complicated to develop than their table based counterparts.

    Dynamic applications

    Dynamic are just like database apps; however, instead of connecting to an online server for information, they need to interact with different structures and software through APIs. For instance, a third-party Twitter app would need to be integrated with Twitter’s API in order to import tweets and various records. APIs vary in quality and complexity, so this addition to software development can range from a surprisingly small price increase to a greatly expensive undertaking.


    Our expert developers work hard to ensure the success of your project. We always strive for perfection and never stop until we achieve flawless results that meet your expectations and comply with our high standards. Moreover, we will help you sustain continuous success, monitoring your key metrics and providing you with important analytical reports. Our talented and creative team can tackle any project, from a simple one-purpose application for desktop to mobile solutions and elaborate accounting, management and e-commerce systems of all kinds. We supply you with all necessary tools you need to grow your customer base, expand and prosper.The hardest app type to build is that of app-based games. Simple games can be more on par with dynamic apps in terms of problem and pricing, but more complex games with 3D environments or advanced physics engines may be substantially greater highly-priced than any other kind of programs.
    iOS applications: cost issue
    When speaking of the iOS applications, it is highly important to correctly understand what you want to get better revenue and make the investment to pay off. So, what the investment will be needed in the average for every program type?

    If you hire an iOS developer, a primary, table-based program can price you anywhere between £1,000 and £3,000 or more. Planning and supplying the app content beforehand, such as the logo and images, will considerably lessen the expenses. You can assume to spend about £1,500 for this stage. The more functions you add, the higher the overall cost will be.

    Database or native apps are much more advanced, and so, you may expect the expenditure to variety among £10,000 and £40,000 or more. Native iOS programs are much more complex, for the reason that complete framework and functioning of the software is solely data driven. The developer has to first apprehend the logic, create a flow in the app and make it usable and purposeful, utilising the content, photos, sound and so on.

    Development of games for iPhone may be a rather expensive proposition. Depending on the kind of the game, you could assume to spend anything between £25,000 and £250,000. A standard racing game, as an example, can cost over £100,000. Games require many advanced functions to seize the audience’s interest and retain the users engaged for a good deal of time.

    Adding numerous different features can also push up the general cost of the iOS program. Here is a list of some of those functions, along with the pricing:

    • Game centre – the iOS SDK offers seamless integration with its game centre. This can help lessen the price to just £1,000 or so.
    • Remote control – saving the content material in a remote location and updating the program using XML files will cost an additional £1,000-£5,000. However, this also prevents many pointless issues at later stages.
    • In-app advertising – this option may cost additional £1,000-£2,500, depending on the kind of advertising and marketing you are seeking to display.
    • Sharing feature – this integration can add up approximately £1,000 to the cost range. This feature is useful because it enables to apply social media to promote the product.

    When you work with the development company like ours, the developers can integrate any functionality needed. We adhere to the transparent pricing and always intended to find the optimum solution within your budget.

    On the subject of iOS software development in our company, the design is entirely based on functionality and matters equal.

    Customers purchase with their eyes. A catchy icon can attract the attention, but a breathtaking design makes them use the program increasingly more.

    To look outstanding, the iOS app will need a succinct but catchy icon, touch screen, interface factors like tabs, buttons and many other layout capabilities that lure customers to have interaction with it.

    However, a tremendous design usually comes at a price. While it is possible to find winners and duds at any point of the costs spectrum, there may be commonly a clear distinction among £150 icon and its £1,500 counterpart. If you want a compelling design to work for your needs, you should better be prepared to shell out some extra coins for a reliable design team with an exquisite portfolio.

    Developer: freelancer vs. development company
    When it comes to software development, the cost should never be the all-in-all factor. The most crucial thing is quality, that hinge on the developer you cooperate with.
    • There are 3 simple classes of developers you could pick out from:
    • Freelancer
    • Small agency
    • Large corporation
    Each type of developers has some advantages and tradeoffs, and you should weight all pros and cons.
    Freelance developers are the cheapest alternative you can discover for software development, and surely, their affordability is the only reason you would hire a freelancer in preference to a development company.
    When you are hiring a freelancer, you just choose a single person and should be ready to all the risks related. If the freelancer is unskilled, you can just waste money on nothing. If the freelancer is slow, overdue, or uncommitted, the project may drag on indefinitely.
    Moreover, a freelancer will have a relatively restrained knowledge. It is very rare for extra complicated apps to be successfully built by freelancers, and even if the project is not so difficult, you will hardly find a single freelancer that may cope with the entire undertaking at a high level. In case you go the freelance way, with high probability you will have to hire a set of freelancers, each of whom ought to cause problems and delays.
    Of course, there are outstanding freelancers available, and if you are proficient enough to discover a few exceptional ones and manage their activity on your own, you can probably get a brilliant app made at an entirely low cost, keep in mind that you are likely to end up with no product done and no money.
    Small agencies
    Small software companies are commonly a set of 3-10 creatives focused on the development of a particular class of programs.
    If you can find a small agency that develops programs in a similar class to what you are trying to build, you will gain highly from their experience. Having a group working on the project usually outcomes in a good result and timely delivery. And while they tend to be a more high priced than freelancers, they still offer exceptional value savings in comparison to large organisations.
    On the downside, small businesses are regularly unequipped for fantastically complicated projects and also have the ability to show up the downfalls commonly related to freelancers, although to a far lesser extent.
    Large corporations
    Large software development companies bring numerous groups, lots of experience, and a huge brand guarantee to the table. Hiring a large development enterprise is the closest you can get to a quality assurance, but you will have to additionally pay a high cost for that warranty.
    If the project is especially complicated, a larger corporation is probably the most efficient development option cable of bringing it to a marketplace. The larger the company, the more likely it is to have the expertise for any hassle that might come up at some stages of development.
    At the same time, there is no such factor as a guarantee. Multi-million dollar organisations can nevertheless fail to do right by their clients from time to time. So the choice should be very thoughtful and deliberate.

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